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I started out in this business in 1988. With a franchise as many people do. Six years later I went independent on my own. The franchise restricted us to only bonnet cleaning carpet and cleaning upholstery.  Bonnet cleaning is a maintainence cleaning method only. In other words it's an appearance cleaning method only. It can not deep clean carpet the way truck mount hot water extraction can. You hear it reffered to as steam cleaning.  I had several commercial accounts that wanted there carpet cleaned with a truck mount.When you really have a soiled carpet you need very hot water and lots of vacuum. Sorry a rental portable just wont do the job.  I talked the franchise into letting me go into water damage restoration. As i had several insurance companies who wanted me to do that. I bought my first truck mount in 1992.I sometimes forget just how impressed and sold i was in the first 4 sq ft of trying out that machine.  I went right to the manufacture and made them show me how to use it and the cleaning solutions properly. I had went to a certification school and became certified in water damage restoration in 1989.  Then an IICRC certification class on carpet cleaning in 1990. At this point in 1990 I found out how little that franchise taught me.  I spent 6 yrs trying to convert the franchise into expanding into other areas. 

To make a long story short. In 1994  I decided it was time to get out of the franchise.  So my company Carpet Ace was started.  Apr 1994

Training            I am IICRC  certified in 
Carpet Cleaning, repair, re-installation .  Upholstery cleaning. Odor control. Water, Fire & Smoke restoration. 

My attitude:  If I was going to be a carpet cleaner I was going to be the best one around. Today I am NOT THE BEST,    BUT ONE OF THE BEST IN THE  USA.  31 yrs experience and lots and lots of school. I continue going to school and getting even more certifications. If you want the service, I want to provide it for you.  I will continue working on that being the best part. 

Personal attention to each job: To me your not just a customer but I hope a client who will use me year after year. I want to get your carpet as clean as humanly possible.  Regardless if it's cleaning, water damage restoration, fire restoration, carpet repair, upholstery cleaning, whatever service you use us for. I promise to do the very best job we can do. So you have a professional cleaner who truly cares about your needs. I ask you to give us a try. We stand behind our work.